“I have problems with a sciatic nerve in my hip. After three sessions, Jewell was able to relieve the pain in my hip and my entire body felt invigorated and refreshed when she was finished!” –Sarah, age 57


“I have tried several types of therapy on my left shoulder which has caused my chronic pain due to my work in dentistry. Compared with physical therapy, chiropractic work, and acupuncture, I feel like the Rolf method gave me the most relief. The three sessions I was able to do with Jewell was a great start to really feeling like my body was more in alignment. I felt a difference in my legs, posture, and shoulders right after the session was over. I highly recommend her!”  –Tammy, age 31


“I loved having Jewell use the Rolf Method on me…even though it “hurt” a bit. I realized it WAS working to stretch my body!! I felt relaxed when she was finished like I had ACTUALLY EXERCISED…even though I had been lying down! I realized my body was not as straight as I’d thought it was, and I now try to practice stretching myself upward to help my body stay s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d.  I look forward to having the rest of the sessions to help maintain better alignment.”  –Sheri, age 55


“I really CAN run faster!” –Mark, age 9


“I found Jewell to be a very pleasant therapist. She was warm and caring. She seemed very knowledgeable about the Rolf method she was using and very professional and competent in how she applied it for each of the three sessions I had under her. I would say the lasting benefit of the therapy far outweighs any discomfort caused by the therapy during the sessions.” –Edna, age 68


“From what I’ve experienced, Jewell is phenomenal!” –Mike, age 35


“The most important thing I can say about Rolfing is that it works. I was only able to have four sessions with Jewell but the results were amazing. After only two sessions my chronic upper back, shoulder and neck pain were gone. I am pleasantly surprised that I can now sleep on my back with no lower back pain (something I hadn’t been able to do in over 6 years), and I no longer get calf and toe cramps when I stretch upon waking in the mornings. I now also stand straighter, have more flexibility in my arms and breathe easier. I’ve had various forms of physical therapy over the years but nothing has given me the remarkable, quick relief and long lasting results that I’ve experienced with Rolfing. Jewell is a very skilled Rolf practitioner and was very sensitive to my particular needs.” –Chris, age 60


“It was very enjoyable relating to Jewell during the Rolf sessions. I also appreciated the way she explained the purpose and benefits of the Rolf approach and the specific things she was doing. As a result of the Rolf sessions, there was a sense of places in my body being loosened up and moving more freely. I also felt that the sessions I had put me in a better position to handle and recover from the unexpected surgery that I happened to have shortly thereafter. The Rolf sessions with Jewell really were a new and invigorating experience.” –Louise, age 63


“I was pleased to have the opportunity to have some of the Rolf Method sessions. I didn’t have time for the whole set but felt that what I was able to have was beneficial and loosened up my tissues and movement. Sometimes the work was painful, especially on my shins, because I had been a dancer when young, but afterwards there was no remaining discomfort. One good thing about this treatment is that it can be completed in one series of treatments and then it is over. It doesn’t require an unending number of massages. I would recommend Jewell and her work to anyone wanting to make sure their aging tissues were loosened and flexible. I’m sure it might help repair past injuries in some cases too.” –Heather, age 65


“Although I was not able to complete a full ten sessions of Structural Integration because of lack of proximity to a Rolf practitioner, I noticed benefits right away after my first several sessions. I felt my legs and hips loosening up and became aware of how I was walking. I felt taller and lighter somehow and had more enjoyment in my body. Additionally, my neck and shoulders — which had been very tight — felt looser and less painful. I have more energy and a greater sense of well-being even after just a few sessions. Thank you, Jewell!” –Roslyn, age 50


“One of the immediate results after receiving three sessions of Structural Integration was the elimination of painful cramps in my legs that had been hitting me periodically at night. My back seems straighter. I haven’t measured to see if I am back to my height from earlier years, but I look straighter so I well may be! My neck no longer seems to catch and pop when I bend it as it was doing before the sessions. My neck was the main reason I tried this method but I was surprised and pleased by the other benefits.” –Edna, age 68


“When Jewell began using the Rolf method on my wife, I viewed the whole thing with my usual skepticism. Then I got to thinking about some issues I was having with my feet and asked Jewell if she thought she might be able to make a difference in that area. I was pleased that the limited sessions she was able to do while she was in town did provide a measure of help, although as she said, a complete series would likely have been more beneficial. I was pleased with Jewell’s careful and professional approach to her work.” –Jim, age 66


“After the ten sessions of Structural Integration I felt like my shoulders were more square, my head was further back, and I felt as if I stood up straighter. Also my feet seemed to point forward instead of off to the side. I had a feeling of moving more easily in general.”–Tim age 26


“As a professional actor, my body is my livelihood. After a traumatic knee injury and the ensuing surgery and months of rehabilitation and sedentary living, I found that my posture had been adversely affected to the point where I found it difficult even to breathe. My sessions of Structural Integration helped me to regain good posture as well as relieve the tension that had accumulated over months of asymmetry and helped me back on the road to the healthy and active lifestyle that is necessary for success in my field.”–Nick, age 28


“I have always been slightly skeptical of most body work, though I believed that massages could make you feel more relaxed, etc.  I never thought I would come across a type of body work that stays with you far after the sessions have been completed. I have been a major “sloucher” my whole life. As I got older, I realized I needed to fix that, but it hurt to consistently stand up straight. After just the first two sessions, I was able to stand and sit without slouching and it comfortable and natural! After the third session, I felt as though my legs and arms had been lengthened. Also, I was born with torticollis (wry neck), even after physical therapy as a baby I was still unable to move my neck in the normal range of motion. After the Structural Integration sessions this was fixed! It was amazing! I feel like my body is moving and functioning better than ever before and feels more natural and aligned. Thanks to the Rolf Method I have NEVER felt better!” –Mel, age 23


“I love feeling the growing freedom and movement in my shoulder after a single session! Anticipating the awesome surplus of energy I’ll have now that I’m not dealing with nagging pain.” –Beth, age 40


“Being a Physical Education teacher, I thought I knew a lot about my body. Although I basically kept in shape, over the years my posture sagged. I simply did not have the strength to stand up straight. The Rolf Method changed all of that! Jewell was professional, gentle and steady as she “read” my body’s deficits and determined the root origin. Jewell combined her knowledge of physiology and added her intuitive touch to make positive changes in my posture as well as my overall health. I am very grateful for this technique and I would recommend Jewell to you.” –Cheryl, age 65