The Rolf Method of Structural Integration

Structural Integration – also known as the Rolf Method – is a unique method of deep tissue bodywork and movement re-education, designed to align and lengthen the body. It systematically – over a series of ten sessions – releases muscle tension and introduces proper movement patterns, allowing increased flexibility and range of motion, and often results in both improved posture and decreased pain from chronic holding patterns.

Practitioner and client work together to accomplish these ends through lengthening and repositioning of the connective tissue. These tissues, also called fascia, surround the muscles, the bones, and the organs of the body. The continuous pull of gravity, the stress of daily activities, and physical injuries can pull our bodies out of alignment and cause the fascia to gradually shorten and tighten, causing restricted movement which requires more energy to perform daily tasks.

The effect of this work over the course of the ten sessions is that the fascia becomes soft, rehydrated, and more pliable, and chronic stress and tension patterns are released. The body is restored to its healthiest and most efficient alignment, and is able to move with greater ease and flexibility. Thus, it requires less energy to function, and good posture is effortless. Even breathing becomes easier.